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Your Investment Changes Lives

Thank you for Continued Support of our Mission - You made Bridge Builders 2016 a HUGE Success!

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You Can Make a Difference

At the Center for Healthy Families, we address the needs of pregnant and parenting teens holistically, so we can create change systemically.

The Center for Healthy Families coordinates services and support, so young people - with the assistance of a Resource Advocate can navigate a network of resources. With the support of our partner organizations, parents learn to protect their own health, and that of their babies.They continue their schooling and get their diplomas. They secure safe housing and steady employment. They explore what positive, supportive relationships look like.

And for every young person who becomes a good parent and partner, who gets a good education and employment, their life improves. Their child's life improves. Help a young family build a bridge to a brighter future.

Thank you!

Supporters like you make our work possible.